Matt W

Thank you for giving me an opportunity for pursuing my dream job. I’m having a great time at Work Force and learning so many good things about aerospace and you trained me very well before I got out onto the work floor. This experience has been a lot of fun. I enjoy working with  the other trainees and employees. Being at Work Force has made me a better worker on being focused and being a great listener and always being on time for work.  My time at Work Force has been so much fun and I love the people there. They are great helpers and always giving great advice. They always answer my questions when I have them. They are very supportive. I will continue to work hard and keep improving my skills that I have learned. I think people would love being in Work Force because it’s a great experience to have and if you’re a person that likes using your hands, Work Force is a great thing to do.

Matthew W. / Shorewood HS / 2018