Marjorie T.

First I would like to thanks Mrs. Mose for recommending this program to me. When I first heard about WFDC, I thought it was for boys because most of the students were boys. At first, I was kind of nervous to apply because I didn’t think I would make the interview but Mrs. Mose had us study for weeks for the interview.  It really help me a lot. During my interview, I thought I did terrible because I thought I looked really nervous and not prepared but since I am here, I guess I did pretty good. The reason I wanted to go in this field was because I thought it would be a good experience and education for me to have and also give me tons of opportunities for my future. I would say my overall experience has been pretty amazing. WFDC is a wonderful program to get in.  It helped me a lot. Getting a paycheck really helped around the holidays too. The years of not being able to get my family and friends anything was sad but when I got into this program, I was able to get everybody something that they would love. I just love that I got to start working for Work Force which will get me into a career before I even graduate. It made the future so much easier for me.

March 2018 Trainee of the Month

Margie T / Arlington HS /