Karina F

First of all, I want to start off by saying how grateful I am that I got into Work Force Development Center. I have no idea what I would have done if I never had that interview. I’m thanking Mrs. Beeston for telling me about the program too. I enjoy being at Work Force because of the employees that I work with and the rest of the students as well. I love how the employees make sure that you check or do the job right because they want to make sure you understand what you’re doing for the next time. I also love how we get to change to different work stations. Carmela wants us to be able to have a lot of different skills so that when we apply for a different aerospace company, we can say we have all the work skills from when we were at Work Force. I like that some of the student trainees challenge themselves to work harder too. Another thing that I did not expect that would happen to me was that I was trainee of the month for December! I was so happy when Carmela called my name! I couldn’t stop smiling at all that day because I know I can keep it up and do better every day!! I feel like this will also help me in the future because I know I really want to work at Boeing. When I apply and get into Boeing, I will have so many skills because of Work Force. This will also help in the future because I can teach others what I have been taught too.

Karina F. / Mountlake Terrace HS / 2017