Supplier Quality Requirements

REVISION - Date: 10/26/2017

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The supplier shall flow down the substance of this clause to all sub tiers.

AS9100 Suppliers: The supplier will as a minimum maintain and implement a documented quality management system, available in English, which is certified to AS9100 and/or ISO9001 (AS9120 is acceptable for distributors; ISO 17025 is acceptable for material test and calibration laboratories). This system is subject to review by WFDC Quality Assurance.

Less than AS9100 Suppliers: Suppliers who do not maintain a quality system certified to AS9100 and/or IOS 9001 must maintain documented procedures, available in English that address the following:

  • Contract / Purchase Order Review
  • Approval and Control of Suppliers and Vendors
  • Verification of Purchased Product
  • Preservation of Product
  • Inspection and Testing
  • Measuring and Monitoring of Product
  • Control of Nonconforming Product
  • Identification and Traceability
  • Purchasing
  • Control of Manufacturing Processes
  • Control of Quality Records
  • Internal Audit
  • Training
  • Notification of changes in management representatives and changes in manufacturing location, equipment, etc. that require new or delta product first article inspections according to AS9102.


The supplier shall flow down the substance of this clause to all sub tiers.
Supplier shall maintain quality records, including traceability, throughout all stages of manufacturing. Supplier shall make all records available to regulatory authorities and WFDC authorized representatives. Supplier shall retain all quality records at least (11) years from the date of shipment under each applicable order for all product/part numbers. No quality records shall be destroyed without the written consent of WFDC.


A Certificate of Conformance (C of C) shall accompany each shipment and include a statement that the product/process provided meets the controlling engineering and purchase order requirements. The certificate of conformity shall include traceability (e.g. manufacturer’s production order/lot number, heat lot number, batch number) to the product/process provided. Certified physical metallurgical test reports are to be provided when required by the controlling specification. Copies of all raw materials, processes, and product certifications must be provided to WFDC upon delivery.


The supplier shall flow down the substance of this clause to all sub tiers.
Suppliers shall notify WFDC in advance of the following changes:

  • Product and/or process
  • Sub-tier suppliers
  • Manufacturing facility location
  • Management Representative


WFDC and/or WFDC customer or government representatives will have the right to survey facilities and review all processes, subcontractors, contracted parts, procedures, and records.


Product must be boxed, banded, or shipped in a manner that will ensure that no damage will occur.


The manufacturing and applicable expiration dates must be noted on each individual container and/or certification.


100% visual inspection is required on each shipment. Inspection status shall be be recorded on the Certificate of Conformance. Evidence of inspection shall be documented and retained by the supplier.


In addition to drawing/specification requirements, all products must be identified and/or controlled by part number. Supplier must keep different lots of the same part number separated through their process. The manner and location of this identification and segregation shall be agreed upon with WFDC Quality.


Supplier shall perform First Article Inspection in accordance with AS9102 on all supplied product. FAI reports are to be supplied with the production shipment of all first articles. First article inspection, once invoked, shall continue to apply even after initial compliance. Partial or Delta FAI’s shall be performed and supplied when required by AS9102 (latest revision). This clause does not apply to suppliers who supply raw material.


Suppliers must be NADCAP approved as applicable for the processes being performed. NADCAP approval is required for the following processes:

  • Heat Treating (AC7102)
  • Welding (AC7110)
  • Chemical Processing (AC7108)
  • Non-Destructive Testing (AC7114)
  • Surface Enhancement (AC7117)
  • Composites (AC7118)
  • Material Testing (AC7101)


The supplier shall flow down the substance of this clause to all sub tiers.
IMPORTANT/CONFIDENTIAL: This PO (and any drawings and/or attachments accompanying it) may contain confidential information, including information protected by the United States Government. The information is intended only for the use of the intended recipient(s). Delivery of this PO to anyone other than the intended recipient(s) is not intended to waive any privilege or otherwise detract from the confidentiality of the PO. If you are not the intended recipient, or if this PO has been addressed to you in error, do not read, disclose, reproduce, distribute, disseminate, or otherwise use this information. Rather, please promptly notify the sender by phone or e-mail, and then destroy all copies of the PO and its attachments, if any.


The supplier shall flow down the substance of this clause to all sub tiers.
Supplier shall provide written notification to WFDC within one (1) business day when a nonconformance is determined to exist, or is suspected to exist, on product already delivered to WFDC under any order. When the following is known, written notification shall include:

Affected process(s) or product number(s) and name(s)
Description of the nonconforming condition and the affected engineering requirement (i.e. what it is and what it should be).

WFDC purchase order/line item/release, manufacturer lot number, quantities, and dates shipped to WFDC. Suppliers shall not use dispositions of use-as-is or repair on nonconforming product.


The supplier shall flow down the substance of this clause to all sub tiers.
Supplier shall put into place a documented program to avoid, detect, mitigate, and disposition counterfeit parts and materials. Suppliers should utilize and reference AS6174 for guidance. Suppliers shall also flow down counterfeit parts program requirements to their sub tiers, especially but not limited to:

  • Electronic parts suppliers
  • Raw material suppliers
  • Distributors


The supplier shall flow down the substance of this clause to all sub tiers.
The supplier shall establish, document, and maintain a program in accordance with D6-85622 “Foreign Object Debris/Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Prevention Requirements for Boeing Suppliers” to control and eliminate FOD and/or contamination during the suppliers manufacturing, assembly, test, inspection, packaging, and shipping operations. When applicable, the suppliers FOD control program shall include controls to preclude FOD or contamination at the Suppliers sub tier sources. The following basic elements shall be included in the Suppliers FOD control program.

  • FOD prevention training
  • Manufacturing planning consideration for FOD prevention


The supplier shall flow down the substance of this clause to all sub tiers.
Seller shall comply with the AS/EN/JISQ 9100 requirements and 14CFR Part 21.2 regarding the application of the Acceptance Authority media (AAM) requirements. Seller shall, within its organization and its supply chain, ensure that the use of AAM is clearly defined within its Quality Management System (QMS). Seller shall, upon customer request, be able to demonstrate evidence of communication to its employees and to its supply chain; use of AAM must be considered as a personal warranty of compliance and conformity. Seller shall maintain compliance to the AAM requirements by assessing its process and supply chain as part of its internal audit activities. The areas of focus of the assessment shall include but not limited to:

  • Authority Media Application Errors (i.e. Omission, Typos, Legibility, etc.).
  • Authority Media Application Untimely Use (i.e. Documentation is not completed as planned, “Stamp/Sign as you go”, etc.)
  • Authority Media Application Misrepresentation (i.e. uncertified personnel, falsification of documentation, work not performed as planned, etc.)
  • Authority Media Application Training Deficiencies (i.e. ethics, culture awareness, proper use of authority media, etc.)

Q17. Boeing FAA Production Certificate 700

The supplier shall place the following statement on the shipping/certificate of conformance documentation of all products, materials, equipment, information and services:

“Seller hereby acknowledges that the parts and/or materials being shipped under this order is intended for use under Boeing’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued Production Certificate 700 and no articles (or constituent parts thereof) or the accompanying paperwork (e.g., packages, shippers, etc.) contain any Federal Aviation Administration – Parts Manufacturer Approval (FAA-PMA) markings.”

This statement may be printed, stamped, or attached as a label or sticker to the shipping documentation. It is permissible to replace “Seller” with the company name or “We”.