Student Services

Student Services is an integral part of Work Force Development Center (WFDC). As the WFDC Mission states, our organization exists to serve youth challenged by disabilities and socioeconomic disadvantages, providing them with vocational training in a manufacturing setting and job placement/apprenticeship/college application assistance after graduation, depending on the students' post-secondary goals.  Work Force Development Center's Mission begins in the classroom with 5-6 weeks of unpaid instruction, following by work in each of our manufacturing areas during the academic year and school day.  The student trainees are paid minimum wage and earn high school credits toward graduation during their time on the production floor.

WFDC currently serves youth from 36 high schools in 15 school districts spanning Snohomish, north King and Island counties in the north Puget Sound region. All of our students are identified by their school counselors as being at high risk for school dropout and in acute need of WFDC’s help in developing skills for self-sufficiency. Most students are on an Individual Education Plan (IEP). This is a school plan to help students with physical, learning, or mental challenges succeed in school. It specifies goals for the student and any special support needed to help achieve the goals. WFDC is a part of our students’ IEP.

Listed below are the three primary outcome areas we address through WFDC’s vocational training and job placement program.

    1. YOUTH DEVELOPMENT – WFDC employees are positive role models for our students, building a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem, and teaching students the skills and personal attributes that will make them assets to future employers.
    2. VOCATIONAL TRAINING – Vocational skill development means future independence, financial stability, and a sense of hope and that many of our students have never known.
    3. EDUCATION - WFDC helps students in danger of school dropout to stay in school and earn credits in math, English, Social Studies, Art, Career and Tech Ed. or science toward their high school diploma, guiding them toward further educational exploration and study.

Our apprenticeship program is three hours each day Monday through Friday during the school year. There are two sessions daily, one from 8 - 11 AM; the other from noon to 3 PM. When not at WFDC, students are required to attend their regular school classes. Students must agree to remain in school for the duration of time while at WFDC and be drug and alcohol free according to independent drug tests. Students must also agree to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Participants commit to our intensive program which begins with 5 weeks of classroom instruction. Each student must pass tests on each of the 15 individual modules as well as the comprehensive final exam before being allowed on the production floor. This is where students learn how to operate a variety of power tools and equipment. Once they’ve made it to this point, students earn minimum wage for their work in creating high quality products for local manufacturing business partners. A final 2-week instructional module delivered just prior to program completion focuses on personal finance and career preparation. Summer work is also offered to students who qualify and are able to arrange transportation.

For more information contact:

Carmela Morelli
(425) 349-1800 ext. 205