Fund Development

Work Force Development Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit “social enterprise” business, meaning we use a business model to pursue and fund our social mission. As a result of this very effective business strategy, for our first 19 years we had the rare distinction in the nonprofit realm of being almost entirely self-sustaining. Foundation and grant funds were pursued over the years on an as-needed basis from a few local foundations, and corporations. Small financial and in-kind donations were and continue to be made every year by individuals and local businesses in support of our Thanksgiving and Graduation celebrations for our students. Income derived from business revenue (earned income) in 2010 accounted for over 99% of our total revenue, with less than 1% coming from community supported donations.

Given the current challenges in the aerospace and general manufacturing industry, WFDC management team along with the board members developed a plan to diversify WFDC’s revenue stream. This will better position WFDC to address the current and projected needs of the organization into the foreseeable future, thereby putting us in a more competitive stance to bid for jobs. During the final quarter of 2010, we began developing a comprehensive Resource Development Plan which included a focus on grant development over the next several years. Initial grant efforts will focus on foundation and corporate grants and may also include local, state, and federal government options in future years depending upon the economic outlook.

A new Resource Development Committee convened in early March 2011 to further develop the strategies prioritized by the leadership team. WFDC management and board members will participate in various fundraising strategies based upon their interest, availability, and available resources.

To donate classroom/student supplies:

Support Aerospace Assembly Mechanic Apprenticeships while you shop!

Donate your vehicle to WFDC to support at risk youth in your community!

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Carmela Morelli
Director of Student Services/ Grant writer