1. YOUTH DEVELOPMENT – WFDC seeks to develop the fullest potential of our students. Our students come from all backgrounds, abilities, and social, developmental, or physical difficulties. WFDC employees are positive role models to our students, building a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem, and teaching them the skills and personal attributes that will make them assets to future employers.
  2. VOCATIONAL TRAINING – Vocational skill development means future independence, financial stability, and a sense of hope and stability that many of our students have never known.
  3. EDUCATION - Through our partnership with two dozen high schools throughout the north Puget Sound region, we concentrate our efforts on students identified by partner school liaisons as being at high risk for school dropout and future chronic socioeconomic challenges. WFDC helps students earn school credits to earn their high school diplomas, guiding them toward further educational exploration and study as appropriate.


WFDC students are trained in mechanical parts assembly and wire harness work for companies in the aerospace, automotive, trucking, agricultural, and marine industries. We are proud to say that more than 950 students (ages 16-21) have successfully completed WFDC’s vocational training and apprenticeship program. The WFDC team mentors, teaches, and inspires our students to become productive, contributing members of society by focusing on the potential abilities and capabilities of each student, rather than on any limiting problems or disabilities.

Our in-depth vocational training and apprenticeship program instills a vital combination of life and work skills, knowledge, values, and attitudes with particular emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, self-management, communication, and interpersonal skills. Students graduate from our program with both marketable skills and the self-esteem necessary for a successful transition to adulthood.