Electrical Assembly

Work Force Development Center is able to meet a wide variety of our customers wire assembly needs from the aerospace, automotive, marine, military and agricultural fields. We pride ourselves on commitment to delivery, accuracy and competitive pricing.

In addition to the common tools generally used for wire assembly such as screw drivers, nut drivers, side cutters, hand crimpers, scales and measuring tapes Work Force Development Center has the following more specialized tooling:

  • Spectrum CAPRIS Nova 840
  • Spectrum CAPRIS 50-300ES
  • Raychem IR 550 ™ heat gun
  • Spectrum Sienna 210S Laser Stripping machine
  • Spectrum CAPRIS CMS2 Contrast Measurement system
  • DMC M22520/2 Large Gage Pneumatic Indent Crimp Tool
  • AMP Tyco 59974-1 Hydraulic Crimper for 2, 4, 6 and 8 gage terminals
  • Numerous Daniels crimping tools

Work Force Development Center has the ability to laser mark a variety of wire types and gages using our Spectrum CAPRIS Nova 840 and CAPRIS 50-300ES UV Laser Wire Marker cut and code machines.

CAPRIS and CAPRIS Nova products are CE marked, comply with all relevant BS/EN and FDA regulations and standards.

Capa Wire 1

All CAPRIS and CAPRIS Nova products are also designed in full compliance with all key international standards for laser wire marking equipment including:

  • SAE AS5649 – Wire and Cable Marking Process, UV Laser.
  • ASD EN4650 – Wire and Cable Marking Process, UV Laser.
  • SAE ARP5607 Rev A – Legibility of Print on Aerospace Wires and Cables.
  • ASD EN3475 Part 706: Aerospace series Cables, electrical, aircraft use – laser markability.
  • ASD EN3838.
  • FAR 25 – Permanent, Non-Aggressive Wire Identification.

CAPRIS and CAPRIS Nova laser wire markers are in full compliance with/qualified with key OEM Process Standards including:

  • Airbus AIPS
  • Boeing BAC 5152
  • Sikorsky Aircraft to SS7333

Our CAPRIS CMS2 Contrast Measurement System is designed specifically for contrast measurement of laser generated marks on electrical wiring or fibre optic cabling used in aerospace and other critical industries. It provides a convenient Quality Assurance tool that can be used simply and quickly to monitor and measure the average contrast required by the customer. The system also provides a record of the measurements for quality tracking purposes.

The latest aerospace wiring standards MILW-22759/80-92 specify a mark contrast requirement and the CMS 2 can verify that the wire marking process complies with this standard and monitor quality.

Our SIENNA 210S is a single axis system with a stripping area of 4 inches, suitable for end stripping a wide variety of wire and cable types. Both ribbon cables and single core wires can be stripped; single core wires may be grouped and stripped simultaneously in batches within the stripping area to maximize productivity.

Other services include but are not limited to:

  • kitting
  • packaging
  • modular assembly
  • seat cables
  • harness assembly
  • solder terminations
  • coaxial terminations

Please contact us for further information.