Who We Are

Work Force Development Center (WFDC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1991 by a handful of parents, teachers, and community leaders wanting to help at-risk, vulnerable high school youth build bridges between high school and a more secure and promising future. The purpose was, and still remains to this day, to enable students who are in danger of high school dropout to graduate from high school and help them develop critical skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for success as they enter the workforce.

Our vocational training apprenticeship program offers a critically important combination of individualized support and skill development for students who would otherwise very likely fall through the holes in the educational system. Through our program, students learn specific job skills and develop a familiarity with traditional work environments. Equally as important, however, is the integration of solid work habits and ethics that are applicable to current and future educational success, as well as any type of prospective work or employment situation that they are likely to encounter. Our students graduate from the program with solid job experience and qualifications to obtain employment that will earn them a living wage. Simply stated, WFDC provides security and stability to young people with limited options.

Almost two decades ago, WFDC began rather modestly. In 1991 the program began in a rented building located in south Everett. Everett, Monroe, and Marysville-Pilchuck High Schools were our first partner schools referring a total of eight youth to the program by the end of our first year.

In September 2013, WFDC opened a second location in Mukilteo which housed two Haas 4 axis Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines.  On Veteran's Day, we milled our first aerospace part from a block of solid aluminum.  We are capable of producing high reliability precision components for aerospace and commercial applications to customers' exact specifications.  Machinists are in high demand and our student trainees will now be adding this new skill to their resume.  This training will enhance our students skill base and employability.

In August 2016, WFDC moved to our current 40,000 sq. ft. location on Airport Road in Everett.  We now have four Haas 4-axis CNC machines as well as expanded capacity for both wire and hard part assembly.  It is our hope that in this expanded space, we can expand our Student Services program to serve more students.

Today, we serve approximately 100 students annually.  These students are referred by school counselors from 36 partner schools throughout Snohomish, north King and Island counties. Once accepted into the program, students undergo 4-6 weeks of intensive classroom training followed by 1-on-1 apprenticeship training for the duration of the school year from our team of qualified Assembly Mechanics. Students gain valuable skills and experience in producing high quality parts and electronic assemblies for commercial and military applications in the aerospace, automotive, trucking, and marine industries. Through our program, students learn a wide variety of trade skills specific to the manufacturing industry, earning them marketability in the North Puget Sound region’s manufacturing rich job sector.